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Take Holy Land Tours to Embrace Religion Diversity with Beauty

Tour to a holy land can be an enthralling experience- mentally, physically and spiritually. For a thorough practicing Christian, this experience can be even more exciting because of the rich history and culture associated with the place. The holy land tours to Israel or Palestine is a dream of many people, but the preparation for such a visit is a must in order to experience the most out of this holy land.

There are a lot of reasons for which people engage on a trip to Israel, a major reason being the historical context of the Bible, Jesus and the Apostle. To see and experience the places where the legendary biblical occurrences happened is probably the best experience for a Christian. The New Testament might feel like a conceptual story, but a visit to Israel can change it all.

A few exciting things about Israel are:

• It boasts something for everyone:

The tininess of Israel can be highly surprising to people, despite of all those huge and magnificent biblical stories, one can snowboard, have a trek in the desert, surf and lay in the dead sea, all in a single day.

• The food here is breathtaking:

Be it a fantastic bowl of fresh and tasty falafel, plate licking hummus, or pita, Israel simply boasts some of the best restaurants and cafes in the Middle East. The local whites or red wines from superb collections of wineries throughout Israel would just enhance the food experience here.

• It has a fusion of cultures:

A fusion of multiple cultures and immigrants of different cultures, a place open to colors or creeds, it is that one true place where the east meets west and various cultures collide.

To make you visit to Israel more enjoyable and amazing, it is better to hire a travel agency, who can assist you in everything, even with holy land tour package . Regina Tours is a leading travel agency which handles small group and private holy land tours. They have a large selection of Israel tours and one can plan and choose their tours according to their interest, budget, time etc. With them one can have a daily as well as weekly tours and even catholic pilgrimage group tours. With easy airport pickup/ drop-offs, tailor made trips and multi-languages services one can have the best vacation experience at Jerusalem, Nazareth, Galilee, Bethlehem, Tel Aviv and much more.

Regina Tours are a leading travel agency which provides affordable daily, weekly leisure Catholic holy land tours along with the tour to Israel’s neighboring countries of Egypt, Jordan, Turkey etc.

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